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The Friday Fast Five

1. How To Be Alone |  A wonderful short video by Andrea Dorfman, featuring singer/songwriter, Tanya Davis. Note to self: spend a little time this weekend completely unplugged — sit, contemplate, journal, and reflect.

2. Simplify Your Desktop |  Admire the minimalist lifestyle, but can’t make the full commitment to change your physical space? Why not start with your computer and chose from these 60 minimalist desktop wallpapers.

3. Evolution of the Business Card |  From 1400 AD to modern day, this timeline gives a quick snapshot of how the most ubiquitous personal and professional promotional item has changed through the ages.

4. 16 Years of Paula Scher Posters |  There’s no denying the typographical prowess of the iconic design master and Pentagram partner, Paula Scher.

5. 1973 Ad for Sony Tape Deck |  Proof positive that Madison Avenue cannot predict the future. Vintage ads amuse me to no end — the extensive copy length, odd cropping and oftentimes clunky design make me marvel at how far the medium has progressed.

But the grandiose headline is what grabs me on this one. You have to wonder how strange today’s marketing messages will seem in 40 more years. Something to think about when following up on that note to self.



Motivation Monday



For me, one of the few drawbacks of working as an independent designer is less exposure to mentors. I used to worry over this fact until I started a new habit that helps kick me into gear when I’m feeling less inspired.

Every Monday, while having my coffee and zipping through the news feeds, I also check in with one of my heroes. I’ve got many idols on the go-to list – both local and international, from public persona to personal friend. I’ve found that even random glances at something they’ve put out there can clear my thinking and reset my intentions for the week.

I hope these entries have a positive impact on you as well.



This Monday, I find myself in a bit of a funk. Be it the rain outside or the lengthy to-do list on my desk, I’m just not feeling so up today. In an effort to shake this mood, I looked through my heroes list and chose the always interesting, incredibly talented, and endlessly curious Stefan Sagmeister.

While his books are amazing, I thought to ditch the quotes today and share one of his many talks with you. In keeping with my aim to escape my gloomy attitude, I’ve chosen his 2004 TED Talk on “Happy Design.”

Thanks, Stefan – this was just what I needed today.