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Environments as Storytelling


Click the image to view the brief video clip.

When we were little, my brothers and I would play this game where we would hold a wall mirror tile about chest high, and navigate the house solely by the reflection of the ceiling. There was something fun about the slight disorientation and the shift in our perspective — it felt like we were walking on the moon.

That may have been the start of my fascination with physical environments. Or, maybe it was when I encountered my first Richard Serra sculpture — the rigid, looming enormity of those rusted steel walls and the flowing psychological push / pull imposed upon me as I transited the form. I do know that with that experience came the realization of the subtle power that our surroundings have on us.

Lately, I’ve become more heavily invested in the study (and have begun dabbling in the design) of physical spaces as storytelling. I’m intensely curious about how this plays out in the workplace, specifically how environmental experience shapes internal cultural behavior and, in turn, a company’s brand.

In addition to reading reams on the subject, I find great inspiration in the art world and was immediately engaged by this trailer for Olafur Eliasson: Space is Process. More than what he says in the voice over — which is completely compelling, don’t get me wrong — I was fascinated by the people’s reactions and body language as they engage with his installations.

Off to learn more about the the full film — I hope you enjoy!



Enjoy a Colorful Stay

In an earlier post, I featured the Pantone folding chairs that were showcased at ICFF. Now I bring you yet another addition to the Pantone brand experience, which is literally just that — behold, the Pantone Hotel!

Now you can sleep, lounge and meet in perfect color-matched harmony. Read more here.

(via Fast Company)


Field Trip!

Excited to be off to NYC for WORKTECH 10 — a day packed with great presentations on the topics of workplace design, technological impacts to business, generational research, and much more! Posts will resume on Thurs., May 20, but I’ll be tweeting the good stuff throughout the event.