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The Friday Fast Five

1. How To Be Alone |  A wonderful short video by Andrea Dorfman, featuring singer/songwriter, Tanya Davis. Note to self: spend a little time this weekend completely unplugged — sit, contemplate, journal, and reflect.

2. Simplify Your Desktop |  Admire the minimalist lifestyle, but can’t make the full commitment to change your physical space? Why not start with your computer and chose from these 60 minimalist desktop wallpapers.

3. Evolution of the Business Card |  From 1400 AD to modern day, this timeline gives a quick snapshot of how the most ubiquitous personal and professional promotional item has changed through the ages.

4. 16 Years of Paula Scher Posters |  There’s no denying the typographical prowess of the iconic design master and Pentagram partner, Paula Scher.

5. 1973 Ad for Sony Tape Deck |  Proof positive that Madison Avenue cannot predict the future. Vintage ads amuse me to no end — the extensive copy length, odd cropping and oftentimes clunky design make me marvel at how far the medium has progressed.

But the grandiose headline is what grabs me on this one. You have to wonder how strange today’s marketing messages will seem in 40 more years. Something to think about when following up on that note to self.



Beautiful Business Cards


With the prevalence of digital information exchange, there are some folks who think printing a business card is a waste money these days. I couldn’t disagree more, and firmly believe that the well-crafted tangible will remain precious in our increasingly high tech world.

There’s something about the heft of and surface of paper, or the kiss of a letterpress that invites your touch. It sets you apart from all the other schmoes who don’t have something this gorgeous to pair with their first impression.

See more tantalizing identity work at the Lost Luggage Brand Envy site.


Inspired Identity


Possibly the most gorgeous bit of identity design I’ve seen of late — these business cards are letterpressed in two shades of gray and edged with fluorescent orange (printed by The Mandate Press). Check the design firm’s website for more drool-worthy work by Paper White Studio.

(via FPO)