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The Friday Fast Five

1. How To Be Alone |  A wonderful short video by Andrea Dorfman, featuring singer/songwriter, Tanya Davis. Note to self: spend a little time this weekend completely unplugged — sit, contemplate, journal, and reflect.

2. Simplify Your Desktop |  Admire the minimalist lifestyle, but can’t make the full commitment to change your physical space? Why not start with your computer and chose from these 60 minimalist desktop wallpapers.

3. Evolution of the Business Card |  From 1400 AD to modern day, this timeline gives a quick snapshot of how the most ubiquitous personal and professional promotional item has changed through the ages.

4. 16 Years of Paula Scher Posters |  There’s no denying the typographical prowess of the iconic design master and Pentagram partner, Paula Scher.

5. 1973 Ad for Sony Tape Deck |  Proof positive that Madison Avenue cannot predict the future. Vintage ads amuse me to no end — the extensive copy length, odd cropping and oftentimes clunky design make me marvel at how far the medium has progressed.

But the grandiose headline is what grabs me on this one. You have to wonder how strange today’s marketing messages will seem in 40 more years. Something to think about when following up on that note to self.



The Friday Fast Five

1. Identity Redesign for Cartoon Network |  Must admit that at the start of the article, I was thinking… hmm, kind of sterile. Then I read a little further down… interesting secondary elements, OK… and the video clip cinched it. WOW! Give yourself a brilliant visual treat and start there.

2. Design Bureau |  Keep the inspiration going with this multidisciplinary, global design digest served up in a clean, straightforward fashion. Diverse, quirky and well-written.

3. Constrainstorming |  When your next brainstorming session gets swamped by possibilities, try these quick tips on exploring potential parameters to focus the group.

4. Establishing the Best Price |  An interesting read on how to employ User Experience to uncover the most compelling price point. Useful for programmers as well as freelance designers (and studios, too!).

5. iTunes U |  One of my core values is to never stop learning, and I’m forever blown away by the amount of quality, Undergrad and Graduate course lectures available online for FREE! My virtual classes have me currently studying up on Sociology, Anthropology and Culture at UC Berkeley, CCA, OTIS and Stanford. Why not join me on “campus” and check out the wide range of subjects at iTunes U?


The Friday Fast Five

1. Ira Glass on Storytelling | I’m a bit obsessed with the weekly This American Life podcast and look forward to it every Monday. If you’re also are a fan of the show, these videos are a sure treat (though not the best quality). Psst: I encourage you to make a small donation of support to keep the genius of TAL alive! I used the text / phone option that Ira describes at the start of each episode — super easy!

2. The Living Principles: Creative Action for Collective Good | Intrigued by this online community that celebrates design thinking as an agent for positive cultural advancement.

3. Typography: Kalakari Display | This font would look amazing engraved or letterpressed — metallic or light ink on dark stock!

4. 10 TED Talks on Architecture | I’ll be putting some time aside this weekend to catch up on these presentations.

5. Fiber Optic Concrete | Amazing architectural and artistic installation potential.


Nineteen Seventy When?


Fueled by the concept of re-imagining modern technology for the ’70s consumer, these posters by ALT/1977 are just fun to look at. I especially love the cell phone!

[via Quipsologies]


The Friday Fast Five

1. Seth’s Blog: SlickFinally getting around to reading Seth Godin’s Linchpin, which reminded me to stop in for a glance at his fabulous blog. In today’s post, he reminds us to be authentic. Wise words, as always.

2. DIY Electroluminescent Display Panels | While the technology itself isn’t new, the ability to do it yourself is fairly recent and could make the process more affordable overall (making some of my clients very happy). [via NOTCOT]

3. The Edges of the World, an installation by Ernesto Neto | Adding to my already pressing longing to visit London is this experiential exhibit at the Hayward Gallery. Neto’s work centers around transforming spaces into dramatic, participatory environments that invite the occupants to explore and interact with others. [via NOTCOT]

4. Steelcase Showroom : NeoCon 2010 | I didn’t attend this year, but I’m bound and determined to make it in 2011. In the meantime, I’ve been devouring the NC’10 feeds and images. This one is particularly gorgeous — I expect nothing less from Steelcase.

5. Aarhus Gymnastics and Motor Skills Hall | Closing out on the theme of architectural interiors, this amazing space makes me want to get out and play.


DIY Room Styling


Soooo want to take the rest of the week off to play with Olioboard, an online mood board generator. Created by the user experience masters at Keele UX, the interactive space styling tool allows you to easily drag and drop from an ever expanding library of items, or pull from your own saved sets. No scissors or glue needed!

[via @ariacreative]


Take a Letter


Matt Groening (1991)

Gene Roddenberry (1967)

Harry Houdini (1920)

Hugh Hefner (1955)

Albert Einstein (1932)

Again, this is why I LOVE the internet. I just stumbled across Letterheady, an eclectic and expansive collection of letterhead designs. It’s an amazing homage to a medium that, when done well, can completely capture the essence of personality. *Sigh* I could get lost here for hours.