The Friday Fast Five

1. Ira Glass on Storytelling | I’m a bit obsessed with the weekly This American Life podcast and look forward to it every Monday. If you’re also are a fan of the show, these videos are a sure treat (though not the best quality). Psst: I encourage you to make a small donation of support to keep the genius of TAL alive! I used the text / phone option that Ira describes at the start of each episode — super easy!

2. The Living Principles: Creative Action for Collective Good | Intrigued by this online community that celebrates design thinking as an agent for positive cultural advancement.

3. Typography: Kalakari Display | This font would look amazing engraved or letterpressed — metallic or light ink on dark stock!

4. 10 TED Talks on Architecture | I’ll be putting some time aside this weekend to catch up on these presentations.

5. Fiber Optic Concrete | Amazing architectural and artistic installation potential.



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