Designer as Author

Sheesh! I’ve got, no lie, 1000+ listings in the feeds this morning and of course I want to sift through it all in the event that I missed something great. It’s the short, 1.5 day biz trips when I don’t want to be burdened by a laptop (one more bag to carry!) that truly underscore the value of an iPad. Maybe the 2nd generation…

Anyway. Here’s a site that caught me eye this a.m. — Unleashed : SVA MFA Designer as Author Thesis Projects. Brilliant student work from one of our nation’s top art institutions, the School of Visual Arts.

Haven’t had a chance to thoroughly cull through, but first person american, poetiq, two wings, and spoonful looked interesting. Actually, the whole site looks fairly juicy — just gotta get through those 1000+ feed items first.

(via Fast Company)



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